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the best dj's are saving their slowest song for last [entries|friends|calendar]

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[18 Jul 2006|09:32pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

WELL. Me and Jackie are going through my old journal and it's hilarious. Yeah, it's pretty embarassing looking back on all this...and I bet no one will actually read this because I'm sure you've all gotten new journals, added my new journal, deleted me or just forgotten about the good ole days of livejournal and have begun the addiction of Myspace.
Yes so I sound like a complete moron on here and I'm embarassed to look back on it. I swear in every entry I'm all OMG GUESS WHAT IM PISSED OFF AT ___ BECAUSE THEY WERE ANNOYING AND OMGGG CARLLLL OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG shut up, my LORD. I sound moronic. seriously, i acted like i had never seen a boy before. and drama then? jeez, that's a conversation now. so I would delete this thing, but there's too many memories that were made in the few years that I used this lj.

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[12 Feb 2005|03:32pm]
[ mood | sad ]

I'm upset right now. Amy, this is mainly for you since you read my old lj. I just got back from taking Dakota for a walk. On my walk i was hoping to see Jeffery since I haven't seen him in forever. There was this little boy in the grass and he stopped me and said Hey! I think I've seen you before! I like your dog. i smiled and said yeah, i think I've seen you too. Aren't you Evan, jeffery's friend? he just looked at me and he said i WAS Jeffery's friend. I looked at his face and he seemed upset so i asked if he was mad at jeffery. Then he told me that jeffery had moved yesterday night. i miss him sooo much! :( jeffery was the coolest little kid i have ever met. I just wish i got to say goodbye.

amy~I MISS JEFFERY!!!!! jeff-er-E! my dad said he saw you outside, so i guess i'm gonna come over. i'll do my KKK crap later. see you in like 2 minutes, i think.

<3<3<3 carl. i'm seeing you TOMORROW! or i will die. love you tons

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[21 Jan 2005|02:36pm]
woa! new lj. burning__letter there ya go add me. the layout's kinda screwed up, Sir Tom...you might have to do a few favors for me. you don't have to, I just need some help.

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LANGUAGE ARTS WITH KATIE! YAY!!!! [20 Jan 2005|07:01pm]
[ mood | LA WITH KATIE! YAY! ]

2nd semester starts Monday! can you believe we're already half way through the year? then we'll be high school people. SCARY! I don't want to go to high school, I'm gonna miss too many people. alright so here's my schedule. Comment if you have any classes with me.

1st~Science w/ Van Stavern
2nd~Art w/Gollan
3rd~band (YEAH BAND GEEKS! lol) w/ hogaboom
4th~math w/ Lukes
5th~Social Studies w/Tomcyzk
6th~Language arts w/Edsall

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LANGUAGE ARTS!!!!!!!!! [19 Jan 2005|07:11pm]
[ mood | good IMA ANGEL! ]

me and katy had fun in language arts! we were out in the hallway editing our papers and we wanted to go up the stairs, but the door was locked. GRR! katy, someday we're going to the upstairs of our school. then we decided to go to the little girl's room. THEY GOT NEW TOILET PAPER THINGYS! YAY! we were trying to turn the knob so a new rool would come out, but it wouldn't work. When I walked out Katy was playing with the paper towel *Wow! our school has strong paper towel!* aha. Katy put a huge glob of the foam soap on her hands so i told her to clap them together. She did and got globs all over the mirror! we were laughing so hard and I'm surprised Mrs. Darnell didn't walk in and yell. Next, we grabbed paper towels to try and get the soap off, but it only smeared. We had to run down the hallways so know one knew it was us.

yep that was the highlight of my day.

carl!! get better soon!!!!!!! i miss, my hero tons. teehee CARLS MY HERO! :D love you so very much. <3<3

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3 months ago... [17 Jan 2005|07:48pm]
[ mood | i dont feel good ]

today! there's nothing much to write about so let's recap my day.

math~I had to call home this morning since I didn't get my progress report signed. I called my dad and told him why i was callin and he's like "does your teacher have to talk to me?" so i answered with a NO THEY MAKE ME DO THIS! then my dad's like...that's the STUPIDEST thing I've ever heard of! so I started laughing even though i probably shouldnt have

science~OMG THAT WAS SOOO EMBARASSING!! we were working on our projects in the library when I was telling Emily about what Lindsey told my parents after we came home from carl's. Katy came over and I had to tell her because...she's KATY! when i had finished my story the library was SILENT! katy looks at me and she says omg...mr van stavern's coming over. so he came over to us and said we needed to quiet down or somthing. basically i told the whole science class about it.

band~ITS FREEZING IN THAT ROOM! we're all gonna blow up the heater so it's actually warm. my clarinet's broken so i had to use a icky LOANER! EW! when i opened the case the mouthpiece had a reed on it. me and autumn freAked out! that clarinet sucks...the F is all screwed up and OMG WE HAVE A CHAIR TEST TOMORROW!!one of the songs we're playing sounds like Gilligan's Island! Taylor made up his own version of that song, its so funny.

laces~me and kenzie are counting down the days til next semester. mrs gramlich thinks sean is incapable of doing ANYTHING! he put his pencil down for one second and she's like ERIKA!! YOU NEED TO MAKE SURE SEAN IS WRITING ALL THIS STUFF DOWN!!! she needs to chill! come on...she makes me follow that kid to the bathroom. (not in the bathroom, just outside)

lunch, social studies and language arts was boring. even the bus ride home was boring. sorry eric about your hand lol

3 MONTHS AGO I WAS A SAD, SINGLE GIRL! then i met carl and am soo happy i did. :) carl means soo much to me and without him my life would be incomplete. it would be no fun at all. i love you soo much, carl.

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[16 Jan 2005|08:15pm]
[ mood | happy :D ]

OMG TODAY WAS SO FUN! me and lindsey went over to carl's. on the way there me and lindsey were taking random pictures with my cell phone. like...the k-mart sign and stop signs. i tried to get the door store for carl, but i missed. sorry... hm so when we got on carl's street lindsey sees a house and she's like OMG THAT HOUSE IS SOO AWESOME! and then my dad's like Hey! that's carl's house unless he gave you the wrong address. so we got out and my dad talked to...MR MILLER! (ahaha) then we went downstairs and all that good stuff. carl recorded us...AAAHH! lol *say something....NOOOO!* and lindsey and zac's...um disturbing recording lol CRACKER! alright i'm done...yes, but we had a lot of fun and i miss carl already.

carl~tee hee. i had soo much fun. go and delete some of those pictures...lol. yeah, but we gotta do that again. it was too much fun and i was really really happy to see you again! i love you soo much more each and everyday. you're so sweet and funny and PRETTY (lol) i wanna hug you and see you and kiss you...heyy happy 3 months! lol i love you. <3

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[16 Jan 2005|10:17am]
[ mood | crappy, but happy ]

yesterday could have passed as the worst day of my life. me and eric are no longer friends anymore and im really upset about it. after eric told me what a backstabbing friend i am, i felt like complete shit. when i got off the computer i was fighting back tears because i dont ever cry in public, it's always a secret. my mom was trying to talk to me, but i was too upset and i just wanted to go upstairs and cry. in other words i wasn't the nicest i could have been to my mom. i ran upstairs and started to cry about how bad i screwed things up. i tried calling carl because he's the only person that could possibly make me feel better. he wasn't home and lucky, unless he really wanted to hear me crying on the other end. then amy called to see if i wanted to come over and watch the village with her and rob. i told her i hadnt eatten yet and that i wasnt really feeling up to it. i told her everything that went on earlier between me and eric and she told me her opinion. everything she told me made me realize some things about eric that are really scary. later that night lindsey called and i told her everything that had been bugging me and i got online to talk to carl. that made me feel TONS better. we're all getting together today so that should cheer me up. :) eric~i'm really sorry. i still want to be friends with you, but i guess if you can't accept my apology that's fine...

<3 carl~i read your post. i love you so much and i'm so lucky to have you. talking to you last night really put a smile on my face...well anytime i talk to you it puts a smile on my face. LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU! there i spelled love right, look at that skill. :D i cant wait to see you later!

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[12 Jan 2005|01:52pm]
1. Who are you, what's our relationship?::
02. How and where did we meet?::
03. What's my middle name?::
04. How long have you known me?::
05. Tell me one good thing about myself?::
06. When you first saw me, what was your impression?::
07. My age::
08. Birthday::
09. My favorite band at the moment::
10. Colour eyes::
11. Do I have any siblings?::
12. Have you ever had a crush on me?::
13. What's one of my favorite things to do?::
14. Do you remember one of the 1st things I said to you?::
15. Describe me in 3 words::
16. Name 5 things I love::
17. Do you think I'm good looking?::
18. How would you describe me to someone?::
19. Would you ever date me?::
20. Tell me one thing you've always wanted to say but never did::
21. What do you like most about me?::
22. If we could spend a day together, what would we do?::
23. Have we ever gotten in a fight?::
24: Do you think we will be friends for at least 3 or 4 more years?::
25. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it::
26. What do you think my weakness is?::
27. Do you think I'll get married?::
28. What makes me happy?::
29. What makes me sad?::
30. What reminds you of me?::
31. If you could give me anything, what would it be?::
32. When's the last time you saw me?::
33. Do you think our friendship is getting stronger/weaker/or staying the same?::
34. Do you feel that you could talk to me about anything and I would listen?::
35. Are you going to put this on your LiveJournal and see what I say about you?::
36. If I was an ice cream flavor, which would I be and why?::
37. What song (if any) reminds you of me?::
38. If you could change one thing about me, what would it be?::
39. Would you make a move on me?::
40. Do I cross your mind at least 1 time a day?::

i was lookin through all my old entries and i found this. no one took it cuz i had no friends. woa
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[12 Jan 2005|09:42am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

ANOTHER snowday. i woke up ran to my window looked outside and screamed WHY THE HECK DO I HAVE A SNOWDAY?!?! I ran downstairs and my dad's like, I guess it's icy outside. I went into the laundry room to put on my shoes to go outside and get the paper. It wasn't icy...it was....slush. I didnt even have to put a coat on. It's actually nice outside. I went outside in my pajamas and ran down my driveway without falling. well at least amy has a snowday today too. i think carl and zac have a snowday :)

my holiday has been rescheduled to tomorrow. I say so, lindsey!

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[11 Jan 2005|08:29pm]
[ mood | mad ]

me and lindsey will not be on at all tomorrow. we are taking a holiday....a special holiday that me and lindsey take once in awhile. we're gonna be very busy tomorrow. wanna know what's crap...THAT'S crap! lol lindsey.

ok I'm going. I think I'll call Carl...

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[11 Jan 2005|08:41am]
[ mood | blah ]

woa....snowday. pretty stupid, if you ask me. we're the only school district in oakland county that has no school and amy's OLD school. well that's our last snow day of the year. no more snow dances and wearing you pj's inside out, everyone. i really dont want to add on days....

you people should call me...i'm gonna be bored today.

amy~ha, i have a snowday and you dont...that's a first!

lindsey~DTTG day has been rescheduled to tomorrow.

jackie~I WANNA KNOW!!


<3 carl

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maria is GULLIBLE! [10 Jan 2005|05:25pm]
i told blair i'd put this in here for her...

Twistedgumbyluv1: Carl won't talk...I guess he's busy.
pigsCANfly 50: hes running to dairy queen
pigsCANfly 50: i'm meeting him there
Twistedgumbyluv1: what???
Twistedgumbyluv1: Really?
pigsCANfly 50: yeah
Twistedgumbyluv1: Seriously???
pigsCANfly 50: yes
Twistedgumbyluv1: then shouldn't you go?
pigsCANfly 50: we're meeting up at dairy queen
pigsCANfly 50: i am soon
Twistedgumbyluv1: whoas
Twistedgumbyluv1: but, it's a school night.
pigsCANfly 50: sooo
Twistedgumbyluv1: wow...I do and don't belive yoiu
pigsCANfly 50: if i wanna see him, i'll see him
Twistedgumbyluv1: you*
Twistedgumbyluv1: cuz, if I do and it's a joke, I got pranked BAD. But, if I don't, then, I don't know. I'm confused.
Twistedgumbyluv1: Is this a joke???
pigsCANfly 50: no
pigsCANfly 50: we're seriously meeting up at dairy queen
Twistedgumbyluv1: is Zac and them gonna be there? just wondering.
pigsCANfly 50: nope
Twistedgumbyluv1: ok
pigsCANfly 50: just me and carl at the dairy queen
Twistedgumbyluv1: I don't wanna ruin anything.
Twistedgumbyluv1: yeah
Twistedgumbyluv1: I don't want to impose...forget it if you think I wanna go...
pigsCANfly 50: you can come if you want
Twistedgumbyluv1: SERIOUSLY???
pigsCANfly 50: yeah
Twistedgumbyluv1: yeah-ah!
Twistedgumbyluv1: Can I go?
pigsCANfly 50: yeah
Twistedgumbyluv1: *virtual hug*
pigsCANfly 50: :-)
Twistedgumbyluv1: ok...Carl said it's alright..
Twistedgumbyluv1: Sooo...should I come to your house or something?
pigsCANfly 50: no...
Twistedgumbyluv1: What do we do?
Twistedgumbyluv1: for transportation?
pigsCANfly 50: .....
Twistedgumbyluv1: nvm...Carl said you were joking
Twistedgumbyluv1: I told you I thought this was a joke...
pigsCANfly 50: AHAHA
Twistedgumbyluv1: it's not funny
pigsCANfly 50: we got you bad...

there ya go, blair! we got you BAD, maria!! lol sorry.
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[10 Jan 2005|03:45pm]
[ mood | calm ]

last night me, amy and rachel went to the movies and saw FAT ALBERT! HEY, HEY, HEY! it was pretty good. me and amy had to go cuz amy's husband is in it. :) when we got out of the theatre i was like that movie theatre was FREEZING and then amy points ahead and screams NO, IT WAS HOTT! cuz there was some guy that amy thought was hott in front of us...but really he wasnt lol. when we got home rachel was doing some 4th grade cheer that me and amy were laughing at. then amy did her fresh prince of bel air impersonation. then i walked home and rachel ran after me cuz she thought i was amy...weird.

school was pretty boring today. i saw at maria, kalyn and blair's table at lunch today. blair showed me her PIMP cd cover. that is the funniest thing blair, HEY I STILL HAVE THE CHOCOLATE YOU GAVE ME THIS MORNING!

maria~diiiiiiid! aha i can act like adam.

eric~PICKAWWW!!! i heard you screaming that when i got off the bus and i started laughing. the bus driver was staring at me...

blair~SOLDIERS!!! i gotta hear it on your phone!

<3 carl sooo much!

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[08 Jan 2005|09:12pm]
[ mood | sleepy and HAPPY! ]

AHAHAHA! ADAM HAS A LJ! im just gonna say some hellos. i'm too tired to write out about my wonderful time at the bowling alley. :D

maria~WHY DIDNT YOU TELL ME HE HAS ONE?! lol ahaha dude....DID!

blair~SOLDIER!!! i need a soldier. let's go walk our dogs in skin tight leopard skin...who knows what! haha! miss sittin by you in language arts! southern accents...reach out to your inner ghetto!

carl~i'll explain everything about your sneaky christmas present later. i love you so much and miss you already.

lindsey~i beat you to it!!!!!!! lol


my first game of bowling SUCKED! i got gutterballs about...5 frames in a row! on the second game i got a STRIKE! i think i got a spare or two. i dont really remember, but i beat zac!!! zac has strategies on bowling....they just aren't good strategies. lol ok i'm goin to bed cuz i am sooo tired from last night.

~Erika (that's for the idiot who keeps asking who i am and isn't smart enough to scroll down!)

never ending love to carl <3

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[08 Jan 2005|10:50am]
[ mood | hyper ]

omg...im at LINDSEYS! she's cleaning the basement so i get to do whatever i want. yep so yesterday we went to the GYM! me and lindsey worked out cuz we're special like that. lindsey kept having to yell at me cuz i kept banging the weights together and i'd get in a lot of trouble. it's a bad habit though!!! lindsey thinks they should make a move called "Carl and the Giant tater Tot!" wait...is she tryin to imply that i'm FAT?!?!?! lol well i RAN yesterday with you! omg and at the gym they have PADDED elevators! i wanted to crash up against the walls, but I thought they might have cameras watching me. then we had to walk out of the elevator all calm and collected like nothing had happened. we're not sure if we're allowed in the elevators. hm so we got home and went crazy. we watched the LIZZIE MCGUIRE MOVIE! lmao. i fell asleep during it after talking about how my dad thinks hilary duff has no neck cuz shes so FAT! she needs to go to the gym with me and lindsey! lol lindsey wants to thro things at her. ok so...today! we're goin bowling with Zac and Carl! YEAH!! i'm o excited and happy and nervous. alright well me and lindsey gotta go get ready.

Lindsey~AAAHHHHH!!!! ROADKILL!!! that ones me cuz it has an ugly nose......omg someone was really bored, but it gave me a good laugh. ERIN'S A RADIO ANTENNA! OH MY GOSH! patties for fatties!


OMG ME AND LINDSEY GET TO LOITER AT CVS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lmao. this is gonna be sooo FUN! we'r gonna drive those people insane!

Love, Erika!

<3 carl sooo much!!!!!!!!!!

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[07 Jan 2005|03:47pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]

this morning was SUCKY!!!! aaaaaahhhhhhh. alright so i woke up at 4:30 this mornin and i couldnt get back to sleep. hm so i woke up, took a shower and ate POP TARTS! i burned them because our new toaster is a crap. so when i was putting in my contacts, they would NOT go in. i sat there for THIRTY MINUTES poking my eyes out. i got so mad that i was sitting there like crying and yelling. so i tore it in half. i opened up a new case and while trying to open them i almost broke the container in half. so by the time i got my contacts in it was 8...giving me 3 minutes to brush my teeth and dry my hair. yeah so i brushed my teeth and left for the bus stop with my hair soaking. the bus came late of course and my hair was frozen! so i had a pretty awful morning. my eyes were all red and itchy and my hair was frozen. it wasn't too bad. i was actually pretty happy considering everything carl told me last night.

language arts! ahhhhh im sick of reading out loud. for half the hour i had to read out loud like some southern person. mrs edsall kept having to yell at me cuz i had no EXPRESSION and i was readin too fast. how can you read with expression when there's no dialogue!! erg. blair kept tellin me to read SOUTHERN! lol it was fun.

now lindseys tryin to embarass me! YEAH! lol she's bringing back funny memories. check my profile for embarassing memories about lindsey!!

<3 you so much carl! i'm busy tomorrow....yeah, seein you lol

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[06 Jan 2005|12:31pm]
[ mood | LOVED!!!!!!!!! ]

SNOWDAY! thank god too...last night i talked to carl and he told me a bunch of things that made me feel so good. i had tears pouring down my cheeks and a huge smile on my face. i dont think i've ever smiled so much in my life since i met carl. i love that guy so much. when i got upstairs and in my room i just layed down on my floor. i layed there staring up at my ceiling for the longest time...no music...no tv...no nothing. just me laying there thinking about how lucky i am to have carl. after awhile i got up and wrote lindsey a note. i found the note i had written to carl a few days ago and tore it up. i sat there and wrote a new one because the one i had written wasn't good enough. the truth is, there aren't any words perfect enough to explain how i feel. i finally went to sleep and woke up at 6:30. i got out of bed and looked outside and saw maybe an inch or two of snow. i thought GREAT the day i need a snowday most, i don't get it. i decided to turn on the tv since my dad hadn't yelled at me to wake up yet. they were on I ok oakland county....I! i missed our school by ONE flippin letter. so i had to sit there for like 10 minutes watching Amy not having school and carl...maybe, depending on the district. so i sat there acting like a fool and laughing at Faith Baptist cuz rob made the most stupid comment EVER about Faith Baptist on new years eve. then finally huron valley...WHATS UP WITH OUR SCHOOLS?!?! we are obsessed with oak trees and valleys. oak valley, when there's only wut...1 oak tree. and we aren't on a valley we're on a HILL! yeah i dont get it. ok i'm gonna go over to amy's soon since carl's goin to zac's according to lindsey. bye

*no one else will have me like you do*
i love you, carl

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[05 Jan 2005|09:40pm]
[ mood | amused ]

today was BORING!

in science we were talkin bout population growth and all that. mr van stavern told us that in awhile the most common spoken language in american will be spanish because of all the immigration. after hearing that i screamed NO WAY! IM MOVIN TO CANADA! now it's official. brian's gonna move to Nova Scotia...i dont think he realizes that nova scotia IS part of Canada and Katy's goin to the Yukon Territory cuz they have only one highway. carl's comin too cuz...DUH...i love him. me and carl are NOT goin to mexico with zac and lindsey. well carl can, but i'm not. student leadership was BORING! the school is retarded and i cant get a flippin signal. me and autumn were walkin in the bathroom *I WONDER IF I STAND ON THE TOILET IF IT'LL WORK?!?!* yeah and it smelled like piss in the doorway to get outside. we had to drive jackie home! ILL GUN YOU DOWN TO THE GHETTO! jackie took a picture of her shoe with my phone...its PIMPSCHIZZLE!

<3 carl so much. i'm seein him this weekend...no matter what anyone says. if they say no i'll get jackie to gun them down to the ghetto.

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[04 Jan 2005|04:03pm]
[ mood | GRRRR ]

BAND!...i love that class. i hate hogaboom, but that class is the highlight of my school day. on mine and autumns way to band i started singing home, home on the range. it was hilarious. brian was standing outside the door dancing while eatting his fig newtons. i couldnt remember all the verses so me and autumn made up our own. we played our compositions...i did okay only i hold the triplets (CHO CO LATE!)out too long. when i came out me and autumn were talkin with connor,brian,kaitlyn,and lots of other peoples. we decide to lock brian and bucky out of the room. chris comes over and he's like HEY WHO'S OUTSIDE? so he starts screaming through the door. he tells one of them to run outside so we can see them through the window and britt wanted them to stick their tongue to the pole. then evan comes over and he opens up the door and brian makes it through...i dont know how. the door was barely opened and he made it through. then eric walks into the room and everyone runs over to him screaming ERIC! we wanted him to stay so brian screams JOIN!! me and autumn wanted them to do the trash can routine to eric, but instead they go running after jordan. he wasn't in the room so everyone went over to the chalkboard and wrote things like Kaitlyn loves connor, CONNOR LOVES BRIAN! and TAYLOR LOVES MEN the whole board was covered. someone opens the door and jordan's standing there. they all go running after him...you should have seen the look on his face. i dont think they ever trash canned him. :( it's so funny when they do. then mr hogaboom comes out from his office and starts yellin at us cuz of his "important" chalk board. everyone started blaming eachother for writing on the board. kaitlyn and sarah ended up having to clean it. me and autumn KNOW that the bus ride to festival AND our trip is going to be very interesting...OMG AUTUMN, EVAN AND JORDY STOLE OUR HEATER SEATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

autumn~home,home on the range where the deer and the antelope play, where SOMTHIN is heard, and a blah blah blah blah and the sky is DARK AND GREY! lol

<3 Carl <3

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